Make sure you are packed and ready to go on our arrival!

We will gladly load and unload the vans on our arrival we expect all packing to be completed and ready to load. We can supply soft coverings for any items that need to be covered and secured with care.

Don’t make boxes too heavy

Please don’t make those boxes too heavy, a good rule of thumb being, if you can’t lift them then neither can we. Any furniture should be disassembled by the customer unless prior arrangements have been made when booking. Any windows or doors that need to be removed to gain access for entry should also be arranged when booking. If you have any doubts we offer a free home visit to sort out any potential issues before we take on the work, this is a no obligation visit of course.


Are there any restrictions in your road?

Are there certain times when loading/unloading will not be allowed, or the area will be too busy to park?

Customers should save spaces for the van arriving, usually the size of one and a half cars.

Will the van be able to get within 20 metres of your new home/Carrying items over a longer distance slows down the job and increases the cost.

Do you need to have any areas coned off by the council so that the van can park close to your property? Or are there any special access permits needed?

Will the route to your new home pose a problem for the van? I.e. in a pedestrian zone or courtyard the van will not be able to access.

If you have a drive, can a heavy van (3.5 tonne) park on it, over-hanging trees can cause problems as do drain covers that might collapse with the vans weight. Please make us aware of any obstruction before we use your driveway.

If you require storage facilities – please use Russell Self Storage.